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Laser ND/YAG

A new and wonderful era in dentistry has begun. Our high-tech office is pleased to offer this state-of-the-art technology to our patients. Lasers are an amazing new technology for the dental office

Lasers have the capability to perform gum surgery without the need for needles and no bleeding or stitches, being able to eat, drink and talk right after surgery with no discomfort.

Erbium LASER (Waterlase MD)
The active medium of the Erbium LASER is the solid medium of Erbium. The Erbium LASER is used in a pulsed mode and is highly absorbed in water at very low depths. When used on hard tissues the Erbium LASER energy that touches the hard tissue heats up the water within the hard tissue and causes that water to be turned into steam. That causes a mini-explosion to occur and the hard tissue is "ablated" (removed).

The tissue below is not affected in the least since the Laser only works at very low depths, thereby allowing precise control.This allows Dr. Levenson to cut hard tissue like tooth or bone many times without anaesthesia and be infinitely more precise than he could with any drill he has ever used in the past.

The Erbium LASER can also be used to cut soft tissue but it is not as precise as the Diode Laser and it does not control bleeding. There are times when this is exactly what is needed and that is when you use the Erbium LASER to cut soft tissue.

Note that if Dr. Levenson is working with a hard tissue like silver fillings, crowns or porcelain that do not have any water inside then he can not cut that out with the laser. He therefore need to use a bur to remove that material.

The fact that the Erbium Laser does not affect certain materials enables us to perform work close or next to a porcelain crown or bridge without the risk of damage to the existing restoration. The Erbium LASER does work well if he has to remove composite filling materials however.

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