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First Time Exam section under construction

Personal life situation

Dental history

Health History

Measurement of BP

Medical consult request

Examination of Soft tissue and Tongue (done at least every year)

Brush Biopsy

Examination of Musculature of head and neck

Examination of teeth for decay

Examination of gums and apparent bone level

Perio exam

Examination of tooth mobility and sensitive areas

Examination of Occlusion (bite) and jaw relationship


Temporo Mandibular Joint Exam

Necessary digital x-rays



Bite wings x-rays

Request other Xrays not done in office

Other diagnostic tests

Impressions for diagnostic casts

Mounting records

Diagnostic photographs

Prophylaxis (tooth cleaning)


initial cleaning to facilitate comprehensive exam with in a few weeks

Please do not hesitate to ask me or my staff any questions you may have about the above procedures. I complete exam takes time and energy .

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